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RS232 to DMX Interface

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Dimensions:  L: 108mm  W: 66mm H: 29mm
Unit is fitted with rubber feet to stay stationary, or can also easily be velcroed to a rack piece or the underside of a desk due to its light weight. 

Unit is supplied with a 30 pin connector for use with any suitable docking station that connects to the interface box.  It also provides an audio output as dual RCA plugs.

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Interface update

8th November 2007

Version 2 firmware is released allowing upto 64 channels of control. This version also has a 512 Channel packet with a refresh time of 50Hz.

v2 of Crestron Module now available

September 2005

A revised version of the Crestron module is now available to exhisting customers and will be shipped with all new units sold.  The module also comes with extensive demo files for touchpanels ranging from a CT1000 through to a TPS6000.

* AMX interface module code is currently under development.